Can I Add Debts to My Bankruptcy after Filing?

Yes, usually, it is all the way up to a few weeks prior to the bankruptcy discharge being awarded. It’s not a good idea to wait until the last minute and call the bankruptcy lawyer with the debt the individual forgot. The bankruptcy lawyer will have to file an amendment with the bankruptcy court to amend the petition. Depending on the lawyer, this might cost extra for the filing fee and the time it takes to file the amendment. The bankruptcy court will have to notify the creditor and allow for a response. Sometimes this will delay the bankruptcy discharge.

The Bankruptcy Filing Process in a Nutshell

Usually, when an individual is filing bankruptcy, they will bring their bankruptcy lawyer a list of their debts and creditors. The Bankruptcy lawyer will put all the creditors into the bankruptcy petition prior to filing. When the bankruptcy petition is completed, the bankruptcy lawyer will file the petition either electronically or in person with the bankruptcy court, they will also have to include the pre-bankruptcy credit counseling course certificate. About 4 to 6 weeks later, the bankruptcy lawyer and the debtor will attend the 341 meeting. If everything is okay at the 341 meeting the debtor will next be required to take the financial management course and submit the certificate to the bankruptcy court before the bankruptcy discharge. If they forget, as some do, the bankruptcy lawyer will have to repay the bankruptcy filing fee to re-open bankruptcy case as it will be closed without prejudice. Not a good idea to do this as it will cost quite a few bucks for the bankruptcy lawyer and the filing fee. During any of this time, if the debtor acquires any new debt like a medical bill or forgot to include a debt and remembered, they can amend their bankruptcy petition and add the debt.